We are the No1 Buyers Agency in Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia.

Helping busy professionals, ExPats and International investors to find their own piece of our paradise.

We are fully licensed and independent Real Estate Professionals and we take care of everything for you, leaving more time for you to enjoy life.


So, what is a Buyers Agent?

I’m sure you are  familiar with Real Estate Agents and in Australia, that’s predominantly who you deal with when you are looking to purchase a property.  Perhaps you’ve often thought that it doesn’t seem right to talk to the RE agent, as they are representing the seller?  And maybe you’ve thought how good it would be to have someone representing you, putting your interests first?

Someone to help you get the best deal.

That's exactly what we do!

A Buyers Agent focuses on the type of property you are looking for, we use our skills, knowledge and contacts to narrow the search down and find properties that match your wish list. Some of these properties are what we call “off market”.

Then we do some research, we have resources that are not available to the public and access to research tools that provide some very vital data (especially if you are investing).

We use this information to work out a realistic price of what these properties are actually worth (this can save you many thousands of dollars).

When you find the property that ticks your boxes, we do a physical inspection and give you a concise report. Should you decide to take the next step, we will negotiate on your behalf with the RE Agent to buy the property for you.

If you are not a keen negotiator, this is a major plus!

Using a  Buyers Agent won’t suit everyone, and we’ll be upfront and tell you if we don’t think we can help you.

Mostly this service suits people who do not have the time to search for a property themselves, or have been searching for some time and either keep missing out or can’t seem to find what they’re looking for. Or  maybe  you live  interstate or overseas and can’t get to Sunny Queensland to find your ideal property. And let’s face it, this applies to more and more people in the last year!

That's what I'm looking for! So, what does it cost?

We charge an upfront retainer and a percentage of the purchase price (one fee split in two.)

The retainer allows us to dive in and get started on all the research we need to really evaluate properties that suit your brief.

The balance is payable on the exchange of contracts.

Why should I use a Buyers Agent?

Maybe you feel you have the skills and information available to find the right property on your own. In which case, you really don’t need a Buyers Agent.  However, if you’ve already been searching and missing out, have you thought about how much it has already cost you?  

It’s easy to lose a lot of money and time looking for the perfect property.  Consider if you are paying rent, how many weeks or months it’s might take, then there is the real costs of driving around every week looking at properties, getting to open homes and auctions. What if you live hours away from where you want to be?

Not to mention, how much time you will be sacrificing, time you could spend with family, friends and loved ones. That’s something you can’t get back.

You must also take into account how quickly the property market can and has changed.  It’s pretty common now for buyers to have a lot of competition, some paying above asking price to secure the one they want.  Generally, property always goes up in value, so the longer it takes you searching, the more likely you are also losing money by paying more for the property as time goes on.

In most cases , we are able to find several properties that meet your criteria pretty quickly, and you could be settling on your dream property in 6-8 weeks!

But I’m not here to tell you why you need to use a Buyers Agent, if you’re reading this then you are  already clued in to the benefits and the only question is “What’s stopping you?”

I'm ready!

Fantastic, we’d love to talk to you too! Head on over to our Contact page and send us your details and we’ll be in touch soon.

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