Even in Hervey Bay, I hate Winter!

There’s no denying it, I don’t do the cold places with grace! However, winter has brought an end to the constant rain, so I’m slightly grateful for it this year.  Now back to the important stuff, what’s happening with property on the Fraser Coast…..

I think we've finally hit the plateau!

I predicted we would see a rush of new listings as people became desperate not to miss out on the peak market. Well, the flurry of new listings hasn’t become noticeable across all  the price ranges, but there are considerably more in the $1mil plus hitting the market just in the last week.

It’s pretty easy to predict doom and gloom and there’s plenty of market crash predictions out there at the moment. However I think that this will be more noticeable in the cities and I don’t expect to see it in Hervey Bay for some time. I could be wrong, but the demand here is still too high and the supply is still too low. At least it seems the massive price rises have slowed, occasionally you see one but it stays on the market longer before settling at a more realistic price. 

So is it a good time to buy? Well this is an argument you will hear often. If you have your finances in order and are prepared to cover any interest rate rises then today is always a good day to buy property. Generally speaking, property always goes up in value. Sometimes the market slumps and maybe prices don’t go up for 10 years, but they don’t really go down.

Ultimately if you are in for the long game you should always get your money back. Get some professional advice and go in eyes wide open. 😊

And if you are looking to buy in Hervey Bay, maybe we can help you achieve your dream.

We spend a lot of time researching for our clients, finding off market properties that suit them and really this is the only way to get a better deal at the moment. The seller is happy to take a little off their price as they don’t have to pay agency fees – which means they actually pocket a little more and the buyer is then able to pay a little less and also pocket a little more. There are not many deals to be made from active listings, as you will no doubt find if you are trying to buy at the moment.



This is a beautiful view of the Urangan pier taken by my brother from Closeup Images.