November 2020

Wide Bay News

Crikey! This year has flown by, and I’d say there’s not many of us that are sad to see the back of it.  Summer is most definitely here and you have to feel a tad sorry for the boys working hard on the building sites.

So what’s happening with the property market? Hervey Bay is holding strong, properties are selling within days of being listed and they are getting more than asking price. If you’ve been dreaming of a Sea Change Lifestyle you need to stop dreaming and get real. This is when a Buyers Agent is so valuable. We can find off market properties for you. And using our extensive research and negotiation abilities, we can help you purchase your dream  property before everyone else.

One of the positive side effects of Covid is that local councils and decision makers have reviewed their plans and in Hervey Bay at least, the thinking hats seem to be on (fingers crossed). So I’d like to share some insightful data put together by Scott Rowe, the Director of Regional Development for Wide Bay Burnett.

Hervey Bay had plans for International Marina facilities, which have been on hold for quite a few years. But with the new Hinkler deal, the plans are being dusted off and re-visited, this would be a major boost of employment and income for the region. 

There’s also a new focus on boosting local industries and manufacturing which is all good news. With the ever increasing population to the area, providing employment opportunities is of paramount importance.  

Happy Reading.