October 2020...

Christmas is Coming!

2020 is flying out the door! It’s scary how quickly the weeks race past.

If you are an owner occupier, most of us want to be in our new home before Christmas.

Unpacked and ready to enjoy family holidays, we’ve got the pictures in our heads of how wonderful it will be. Plenty of time to settle in before the young ones go back to school. Sounds perfect doesn’t it?

Unfortunately everyone thinks the same way. And October is crunch month, if you can’t find a property this month, you won’t settle in time to make those dreams come true!

But I think it’s worth taking some time to reshape those pictures in your head. Come December, those of us who wanted to be in by Xmas and failed to secure a property by November, will have given up and gone to the beach. They will have decided to wait it out till the new year.

People selling properties at this time start to panic, they also wanted to be in thier new home before Xmas. They see the pictures in their heads fading, they become more willing to negotiate.

Smart buyers are ready to move, December can be a goldmine for the astute buyer. Can you redesign your dream and have more cash to spend in the new year?

It’s worth thinking about!

Hervey bay is selling out fast, there’s not much left under $400k and they are selling sight unseen. The building industry is working flat out and new housing estates are popping up everywhere to fill the demand.

What are your property goals for 2021? 🤔🤔