Thinking about Selling your Property in Hervey Bay?

Typically when you get to this thought process, you call a few Real Estate Agents and ask for appraisals so you can get an idea of where they think your property sits in the current market. A small percent of property owners think about selling privately, the idea of saving many thousands of dollars is very appealing but they usually don’t attempt it. There are several reasons for this. They don’t feel they have the skills to deal with the negotiations or they don’t like giving out their phone number to strangers. Sometimes they just don’t want to deal with all the enquiries.

So, how can we help?

As Buyers Agents we don’t sell property, we purchase it for our clients but that doesn’t mean we can’t help you as the seller. If you genuinely want to sell privately, we can potentially match you up with a buyer. BC&G Property Detectives offer a boutique service, we don’t cater to the crowds and we tailor our services to suit each client.

The benefits to you are:

*Complete privacy

*No advertising or agency fees

*No signs in front of your house and no intrusion of your privacy.

There are no fees to you apart from Conveyancing, Buyers Agents are paid by the buyer and we are completely independent. We can provide you with the same property comparisons and appraisal data that you would normally get, but you are still able to set your price wherever you want it.

So, you might be thinking that the drawback is you only have one buyer interested and you might miss out on a better deal.

Regardless of how many buyers we have for your property, if the deal is right how are you missing out? No one is going to force you to sell at any price, the ultimate goal is to achieve a deal that sits perfectly with all parties. You have to be certain what your property is worth, and how much you are prepared to take for it. Have you done the research? Not just talking to your family and friends, but actually looking up the properties around you to see how you compare?

It might just be simpler to have a professional valuation done, it’s not a free service, but they do provide a more in-depth look at valuing your property.

It’s certainly worth doing if you think that the appraisals don’t feel right. Ultimately, all the decisions rest with you. We won’t badger you or tell you “it’s the best deal you’ll ever get, so sign now”.

Maybe you’re not quite ready to sell, and that’s perfectly ok. No harm in having a chat about it though and if you agree to us keeping your details we might find your perfect match when you are ready. It just opens up another door, when you thought there were no other options.

Contact us now for a confidential chat about how you could move forward easily.

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