Messages From Our Clients

It took 6 months from seeking out Tami to buying our dream property at a price we were comfortable with.

A property that had been held for 27yrs, was not on the market and the distant NSW owner of which had resolved never to sell through a real estate agent. Tami found him, contacted him and we now own it!

Tami is informative, conscientious, patient and non-judgmental of us as fussy buyers  (only one road considered 😬).

From the comprehensive evaluation of every prospective property through to the signing of contracts and engaging local lawyer, she was professional yet friendly and approachable.
To buy without Tami’s local knowledge you could be paying far too much.

We seriously recommend her.

I and N Thomas

I loved worked with you guys! I'll be dropping in to enjoy your view regularly 🥂

"Highly Recommended" Tami really was a Breath of Fresh Air!

Whether Buying or Selling the agent that one selects is vitally important.
In fact it is in my opinion the number "1" and most important part of the whole buying and selling process.

Simply put, Tami Pelham is SIMPLY THE BEST!

Better Than ALL the Rest.

No: 1 *****

Thank you for all of your professional and courteous advice and attention.

Andrew & Linda

Such high praise, Thank you so much!

Tami was awesome to work with.

Shout out to Tami who helped us find our dream block. Tami was so easy to work with and has great knowledge of the Hervey Bay area. Thanks again.

Siobhan & Corey

A pleasure working with you both, and a great result at $24k under asking!

Amazing Support

The move from Victoria had so many problems, I honestly couldn't have done it without Tami's unwavering support. Not only through the financial difficulties, but several times when I would have chosen a property that "looked good" her knowledge of the area showed me why I should avoid it.

Thanks to Tami I am now in the home I dreamed of in Hervey Bay.


No one said it would be easy! But we did it, it's good to see you settled and loving the Qld life.

Above & Beyond

There were times when I felt the move from Victoria was going to kill me, it's not easy for an old guy on his own and  everything seemed so difficult. 

But Tami was there, offering encouragement and support beyond what is required. I couldn't have done it on my own, Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


You're very welcome. It was a rollercoaster ride to be sure. But now here you are, living the Dream.

Exceeded our expectations

After months of trying to buy online from Sydney, we came to Tami with a difficult brief. It did seem like we were asking too much and it would be unachievable. We were over the moon when she found the perfect property, off-market and at the right price!

Lianne & Bryan

I loved working with you guys, and so pleased I could help.